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Almond Trees

In the months of February and March, the blossom on the almond trees brings the region to life, painting splashes of colour across the valley slopes. The compelling white landscape transmits a feeling of inner peace that spellbinds its visitors.

Bee collecting pollen from flowers of the almond | © Turismo do DouroAlmond Blossom in Torre de Moncorvo | © Emanuel RochaAlmond blossom in Carviçais at Torre de Moncorvo | © Emanuel RochaAlmond trees in bloom during the months of March and September | © Melanie AntunesAlmond trees in September with fruit | © Turismo do DouroField of almond blossom in Freixo de Numão | © Centro Nacional de Cultura, António CruzAlmond trees in bloom during the months of February and March | © Turismo do DouroAlmond blossom | © Museu do DouroAlmond blossom | © Museu do DouroAlmond blossom | © Museu do DouroAlmond blossom in Freixo de Numão | © Centro Nacional de Cultura, António Cruz

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Almond Tree Route

The first almond tree buds flower a month before the springtime, announcing the season of flowers. From the second week of February until the first days of March, the almond tree blossom gives the Douro a colourful, pure and serene hue. The naked valley sides are dressed in beautiful pink and white tones.

The almond is one of the most popular products in the Douro region and it is most prominent in the Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo and Vila Nova de Foz Côa regions, which are part of the official Almond Blossom Route. In order to celebrate this beautiful natural phenomenon, these regions organise various festivities throughout the period to commemorate this stunning season.

The Cross-border Upper Douro Fair and the Flavours and Taste celebrations take place in Freixo de Espada à Cinta with regional and traditional Iberian handicrafts. In Mogadouro, the fair also begins at the end of February with the Open Fair of the Land’s Produce. The festivities run throughout the month of March with the Meeting of the Pauliteiro dancers from the Mogadouro region, the folklore Festival of Almond trees in March, and the mountain biking tour that follows the Almond Tree Route. There is no shortage of musical entertainment in Torre de Moncorvo, with the Fair of Produce of the Land and Stock. Vila Nova de Foz Côa also hosts various activities that revolve around the flowering of the almond trees, such as the folkloric fair, the Open Fair and the Ciclotourism Tour.

There is a legend that says that the almond trees appeared in Portugal before it was a kingdom in its own right, in the time of the Moors. The young King Ibn-Almundimwoudl wanted to please his Nordic princess, who missed the snow of her own country, so he ordered the planting of almond trees. When the almond trees are in blossom they look like a carpet of snow on the horizon and with a beautiful fragrance in the air, this white carpet announces the beginning of spring, and has the advantage of not bringing icy cold temperatures.

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