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The Douro region is known for its rich handicraft items and part of that production is associated to the utensils used in the harvest of grapes. This is, in fact, one of the most important activities in the region. Souvenir shops are filled with these unique hand-made items that represent a little bit of the rural Douro.
Wooden figures compiled by hand | © Turismo do DouroHandcrafted items, made with brass | © Melanie AntunesUtensils and musical instruments manufactured | © Museu do DouroCraftsman who carves a wooden figure | © Turismo do DouroHand-embroidered cloths, exposed in a craft fair | © Melanie AntunesProdutos regionais de São João da Pesqueira | © Centro Nacional de Cultura, António Cruz

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Local Produce

The secrets of traditional arts were passed down from generation to generation, perpetuating the handicraft knowledge used to make highly valuable hand-made products.

Local handicraft includes a wide range of items, including baskets, shoes, barrels and weaving with handlooms. The baskets used to harvest the grapes are made of long pieces of chestnut and oak trees, the same material that is used to make the casks and barrels which store the wine.

You can find wonderful examples of these items in every municipality, mainly in the souvenir shops or summer fairs.

These unique regional pieces, as well as the local wines and pastries, can be a wonderful gift for people who have not had the opportunity to visit such marvellous and sublime places.

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