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There is no better way of getting to know the Douro than by taking a trip by ship. The different tourist vessels (short duration minicruises, one day cruise with on board meals and hotel cruises with on board accommodation) answer the needs and tastes of every tourist.

Cruise on the Douro | © Museu do DouroRiver Douro at Pinhão | © António SardinhaWalk along the Douro | © Museu do DouroA cruise on the Douro | © Museu do DouroCruise sails towards Régua | © Cida GarciaCruise through the Dam | © Museu do DouroCruise in Barca de Alva | © Vitor OliveiraThe dam | © Museu do DouroAnchored cruise | © Museu do DouroDocks waiting for boats | © Museu do DouroCruise passes on the front of the Douro's railway | © Museu do DouroSmall tourist boat | © Cida GarciaCruise Douro Azul | © Museu do DouroDown the Douro in a enchanted journey | © Museu do DouroHappiness through Douro | © Museu do DouroCruise on the Douro | © Museu do DouroThe beauty of the Douro | © Museu do DouroCruise in the Douro | © António SardinhaCruise ship docked in Peso da Régua. | © Melanie AntunesCruise under the railway bridge | © Cida GarciaCruise on the Douro River | © Museu do DouroCruise sails in the Douro | © Melanie AntunesA Window to Douro | © Museu do Douro

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The tourist vessels can take from 20 passengers up to 350, featuring different types of routes, which can extent to 210 km, between Vila Nova de Gaia, in the opposite bank of Porto, and Barca de Alva, near the border with Spain.

The minicruises have duration between one and two hours, and may be made in boats similar to rabelos, wich were used in the past for the transportation of wine barrels along the river. The busiest route is the Minicruise of the Six Bridges, which in travels in the river Douro, below the most emblematic city bridges, in front of the historic centre of Porto and the port wine cellars.

Tourists arriving at Porto seeking for a new experience, can travel to the region taking in the quay of Gaia one of the many cruises available from several operators specialized in the river Douro route. Different trips are possible between the piers of Gaia, Peso da Régua, Pinhão, Pocinho and Barca de Alva, with possibility to stay on board until five days.

Some cruises and minicruises have themes appropriate to the region, for example, the production of wine or nature, allowing you to view the quintas of the Demarcated Douro Region or the cliffs of the International Douro Nature Park, home to rare species such as birds of prey.

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