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In the Douro region there are different types of accommodation for you to choose from, such as hotels and hostels, and even more unique places as part of rural tourism.
A pool of an accommodation in the Douro | © Museu do DouroAccommodation in the Douro | © Museu do DouroSolar da Rede Hotel | © Emanuel RochaView from accommodation in the Douro | © Museu do DouroHouse in the Douro covered with autumn colors | © Museu do DouroSolar da Rede Hotel | © Emanuel RochaAccommodation in the Douro | © Museu do DouroRural house in the Douro | © Museu do Douro

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The Douro region provides unique experiences. If you visit the Douro region you can try staying in the midst of Nature or in the smaller villages. Located between the slopes of the mountains surrounding the Douro river, the wine-producing quintas also provide accommodation to the visitors. These are normally welcoming and inviting places that provide experiences associated to the culture of wine. This type of accommodation is called agritourism, a type of rural tourism that will give you a good sense of the Douro region.
Scattered around the hundreds of villages, you will find manors and palaces with high architectonic value where once lived important families. If you stay in any of these places, you will be taken back in time to the Renaissance period. This type of tourism is called tourist housing.

Other options include country houses, integrated in a local rustic environment, and village tourism, which basically means that you can stay in houses in historic villages or places that maintain the traditional feel of the region.

Hotels in the Douro region are excellent, providing wonderful experiences such as spa treatments, boat trips and pools. Typical dishes are always part of the menus, which never fail to delight the palates.

In the Douro region there are also cheaper accommodation options, such as inns and hostels. Even though these prices are more affordable and the number of services provided is lower, you will always be welcomed properly and nicely because most of the time these inns and hostels are managed by families that welcome the visitors as if they were their relatives. Lastly, there are also the youth hostels for the youngsters.

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