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Feasts and Pilgrimages

The Douro region remains faithful to its roots, preserving traditions and customs with hundreds of years. Pilgrimages, religious processions, dialects and regional products are all part of the region’s history.

Candles lit in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Lapa | © Melanie AntunesPerformance of a ranch in a farm of the Douro | © Museu do DouroPerson playing the concertina | © Museu do DouroSanta surrounded by angels during the procession | © Melanie AntunesPhilharmonic Band of Sendim | © Melanie AntunesGirls representing saints in the procession | © Melanie AntunesPerformance of a Folklore group | © Melanie Antunes

The landscape worthy of comparison with the Garden of Eden, the peaceful waters of the river and the countless sanctuaries spread over the mountains and valleys make the Douro a paradise on Earth.

The Douro is a land of traditions and legends. In thelands of the Douro you can hear strange dialects that survived to this day,passed down from parents to children. The Mirandês is the second officiallanguage in Portugal, although it is only spoken in the Douro region.

Religion plays a significant part in the tradition ofthe Douro. The pilgrimages and processions in honour of the different patronsaints, which take place throughout the year, confirm the importance of religion.

In August, immigrants come back to their homeland andfill the streets, oftentimes deserted throughout the rest of the year.Portuguese popular music is the start of those nights in the villages andeveryone celebrates the gathering of entire families. In these traditionalfestivities, there is usually a band playing, as well as performances fromtraditional ranchos folclóricos(traditional Portuguese musicians and dancers) or the Pauliteiros de Miranda.

Handicraft fairs occur frequently and there you can find unique piecesof art which show that each municipality still preserves old traditions.Throughout the year there are local product fairs where you can buy deliciousfood products and even clothes.


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