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By Railway

In addition to travelling by boat, you can also visit the Douro by catching the old train that follows the river upstream. Some of these inactive railways have even been converted into cycle routes. There is a still one traditional train that operates in parts of the region and those who journey on it are transported back to the 1900s.

Old train in motion | © António SardinhaHeating of the steam locomotive | © António SardinhaRecords for future memory | © Museu do DouroEstação do Pinhão | © Museu do DouroRailway line | © Museu do DouroDeparture of the steam train | © António SardinhaTrains used in the Douro Railway Line | © Melanie AntunesEstação de Peso da Régua | © Melanie AntunesTrain crosses the railway bridge | © Museu do DouroMaintenance of the steam train | © Museu do DouroTrain that travels in the Douro line, towards Peso da Régua | © Melanie AntunesSteam train | © Museu do DouroTrain on the way to Pinhão | © Museu do DouroTrain stopped at the station | © Museu do DouroTrain at the Douro line | © Museu do DouroRailway bridge | © Museu do DouroRailway bridge | © Museu do DouroRailway line at sunset | © Museu do DouroTrain in Douro Valley | © Museu do DouroTrain passes the train station | © Museu do DouroMaintenance of the train | © Museu do DouroEstação de Peso da Régua | © Emanuel RochaRailway line | © Museu do DouroStation | © Museu do DouroTrain at the Douro line | © Museu do DouroMaintenance of the steam train | © Museu do DouroTrain at the Douro line | © Museu do DouroEstação de Rede | © Melanie AntunesGouvinhas train halt | © Museu do DouroBridges over the River Tua | © Museu do Douro

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By Railway

When arriving in Porto you will find that there are many means of transport to choose from to take you to the Douro valley. Both by boat and by train tourists are able to see the unique views of the slopes of vineyards. The railway follows the river, linking the main train stations in Porto, Campanhã and São Bento, with various parts of the Douro valley.

Any tube station is connected to the two main train stations in Porto and with the airport. Various trains depart from Campanhã and São Bento throughout the day and travel to Peso da Régua, Pinhão  and Pocinho in the Vila Nova de Foz Côa region. The train journey takes between one and a half hours and two hours to reach Régua, around two and a half hours to reach Pinhão and around three and a half hours to reach Pocinho.

In Régua you can travel on the historic steam train with 250 seats spread over five carriages. This train used to connect Régua and Tua but the line is currently closed due to the construction of a dam in the area that will flood the railway line. However, the train continues to travel to Pinhão.

The Linha do Sabor line that links Pocinho with Duas igrejas in Miranda do Douro is also closed as it has been transformed into a cycle and walkway for pedestrians and bikes.

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