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Alvão Nature Park
Alvão Nature Park
Protected areas

The park is situated in the Serra do Alvão and occupies more than 7 000 hectares, incorporating part of the municipalities of Mondim de Basto and Vila Real. It is an area with granite and schist formations of great geological and scenic interest, where the waterfall of the river Olo stands out. The fauna is abundant and diversified, where you can find several species of animals, such us the peregrine falcon, the short-toed eagle, several bat species, the wildcat and the Iberian wolf. The flora includes abundant vegetation and forests of great botanical value, due to the biodiversity that they contain.

Serra de Alvão - river OloSerra do Alvão - waterfallSheep in the Nature Park of AlvãoVillage located in the Natural Park of Serra do AlvãoSerra do Alvão - overlapping rocks forming a wall
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Longitude: -7,81777 | 7° 49' 04" W
Latitude: 41,36528 | 41° 21' 55" N
Remarks regarding the location: This location has no special meaning, it is just a reference for a geographical area.
Telephone: 259 302 830
Fax: 259 302 831
Ecotourism: Birdwatching | Observation of nature
Trips: Footpaths | Picnics | Routes by road
Adventure: Mountaineering

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