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Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley
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Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley
Archaeological sites

The Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley (PAVC) concentrates most of the Prehistoric Rock Art Sites of the Côa Valley, considered the most important Paleolithic open-air art in the world. It is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, which also has an extension in Spain, located in Siega Verde, in the river Agueda. Currently there are over 60 rock cores, spread over 26 kilometers.

The PAVC is the institution created to manage, protect, to musealize and allow public visiting to the rock art of the Côa Valley, providing guided tours of three sites: the Canada do Inferno, Ribeira de Piscos / Fariseu and Penascosa. The latter can also be assessed in the evening tour. The main structure that hosts the PAVC is the Côa Museum, opened in mid-2010. There you can made the reservations for the field visits of the three sites open to the public.

Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley - World Heritage | © Pedro GuimarãesVale do Côa - panoramic view | © José Paulo RuasCanada do Inferno - guided tour | © José Paulo RuasFariseu - rock engravings | © Mário ReisCanada do Inferno - rock engravings | © Pedro GuimarãesRibeira de Piscos - guided tour | © José Paulo RuasParque do Côa - guided tour | © José Paulo RuasParque do Côa - guided tour | © Carla MagalhãesMuseu do Côa | © José Paulo RuasMuseu do Côa | © José Paulo Ruas
Pontos de Interesse e Itinerários Associados
Morada: Rua do Museu | 5150-610 Vila Nova de Foz Côa.
Longitude: -7,11424 | 7° 06' 51,3" W
Latitude: 41,07994 | 41° 04' 47,8" N
Telephone: 279 768 260
Fax: 279 768 270
Construction era: Prehistory - Paleolithic
Current occupation: Cultural | Museum | Touristic
Access: Access by car
Observations on access: Only 4x4 and with a guide.
Car park: Private parking
Additional services: Loja de recordações | Tours allowed (with guide)
Price: 10 €
Observations about prices: There are several types of visit: visit of a site + Museum; visit "In the Paleolithic Trail"; night visit; pedestrian tour; bicycle tour; 4x4 visit. Consult prices and more information at:

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