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Historic Centre of Porto
Historic Centre of Porto
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Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, a city placed at the mouth of the Douro River, is the primary gateway to the Douro Valley, by road, railway or river, in cruises heading up towards the green mountains of the Douro region. In the riverside of the Historic Centre of Porto there are many Gothic and Baroque monuments that illustrate the history of the city with more than 25 centuries of existence.

On the opposite bank of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Port Wine Cellars, located there since the eighteenth century, emerged as an invitation to visit the region that produces one of the most appreciated beverage in the world. Sometimes, when the salty waters of the Atlantic crosses with the sweetest of the Douro waters, the river gets nervous and then the floods happen. Above the river there are modern and metalic bridges, symbols of the industrial revolution. The Invicta is a city of Celts, Suevi and "Tripeiros" (name used to call the habitants of Porto), which were always more connected to the trade than to the nobility. The historic centre, built by the character of the people who passed by and once lived there, was named World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996.

Historic Centre of Porto - World HeritageSquare "Praça do Cubo" at Porto | © Melanie AntunesLandscape of Vila Nova de Gaia | © Cida GarciaGaia Cable Car flies over the Port Wine Cellars | © Cida GarciaHouses in the Historic Centre of Oporto | © Melanie AntunesStreet in the Historic Centre of Porto | © Melanie AntunesPonte Luís I | © Melanie AntunesMarket at Cais da Ribeira | © Melanie Antunes

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