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Route of the Wonderful Douro
Route of the Wonderful Douro
Tematic routes

Through this route can get to know examples of historical and architectural beauty, scattered along the Douro. There are highlighted churches, chapels and monasteries, many of them built by Cistercian monks.

Sé Catedral de Lamego | © Vitor OliveiraMosteiro e Igreja de SalzedasMosteiro e Igreja de SalzedasSantuário Rupestre de Panóias | © Vitor OliveiraMosteiro e Igreja de São João de Tarouca
Pontos de Interesse e de Passagem do Itinerário
14 POI

Longitude: -7,80804 | 7° 48' 28,9" W
Latitude: 41,09663 | 41° 05' 47,9" N
Remarks regarding the location: This location indicates a single geographical reference of the Route, which does not correspond to any specific Point of Interest.
Name: Turel/TCR - Desenvolvimento e Promoção do Turismo Cultural e Religioso
Telephone: 253213874
Highlights: Heritage and culture | Pilgrimage | Traditional architecture

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