How to use this site

The Douro Valley Portal aims to promote active tourism in the Douro Valley, a wide-stretching region that covers 29 municipalities, with the city of Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto at its source.

Geo-referenced information and attractions

This website presents around 4,000 places of interest and geo-referenced itineraries along with dozens of texts that describe the main attractions in the region that include the landscape, world heritage sites, vineyards and wine and accommodation and cuisine. This information includes photos and videos that are incredibly useful for tourists.

All of this information is simple to find and can be sorted according to its category, key words and dates and it can be put in alphabetical order or ordered according to its category, distance from your location, event date or whether it is a special feature.

The geographic application, geoDouro uses Google Maps and Google Earth to allow you to find places of interest and map itineraries. You can define your location to calculate distances in a straight line to other places and you can create your own trip by defining a route that includes the places you select.

It is also possible to filter the results of your search and order them according to fixed criteria (as with other contents on the website) and you can apply a filter that limits the geographic area you wish to search within on the map.

InDouro is the part of the website that presents up-to-date information on news and events. The events are geo-referenced, just as with the places of interest and itineraries. These events are also found in the geoDouro section so it is possible to search for the most relevant within a specific geographic area and period of time.

Specific Functions

For each place of interest, itinerary or item in inDouro you can see the details, you can notify us in case of errors or omissions and you can share them with others or print them. You can also make them your location and add them to an itinerary. You can download itineraries in formats that are compatible with GPS (gpx) and Google Earth files (kml) and all of the information available about these places of interest on the portal will be found on these files.

You can even use the portal to book hotels with one of our leading partners.

Special Feature Items

The information available on the Portal is awarded a level of relevance to tourists. The items are ordered according to its characteristics and in some cases according to reviews from reputable sources, including personal opinions from a panel of experts in the region. Each is given a classification that ranges from 0 to 4. The most common classification is 0 which means that it is not a special feature but this does not mean that it has been negatively classified.