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The best way to get to know the Douro is by living the experience and the Douro Region Portal can show you how to get the most out of the region. The region has a wide range of experiences on offer from travelling up the river to taking care of your bbody in spas or baths.

Boat trip on the Douro | © Museu do DouroSteam train in the line of the Douro | © Museu do DouroSwimming pool in a river | © Museu do DouroPeople relaxing on a terrace at Cais de Gaia | © Melanie AntunesA cruise on the Douro | © Museu do DouroYoung people sitting on a bench | © Museu do DouroCruise passengers observe the Douro | © Museu do DouroPeople relaxing at Cais de Gaia | © Melanie AntunesCable car at Cais de Gaia | © Melanie AntunesWine Villages Festival at Trevões | © Junta de FreguesiaWindsurfing in the Douro | © Museu do DouroRacing cars of wood and bearings | © Museu do DouroSteam train in the Douro | © Museu do DouroPeople in a river | © Museu do DouroBoat on the River Douro | © Museu do DouroThe Douro overnight | © Museu do DouroInside the environmental cruise of Miranda do Douro | © Judite RochaBoats parked at Peso da Régua | © Museu do DouroFishing at Peso da Régua | © Museu do DouroPassengers on a cruise behold the Douro | © Museu do DouroBoating on the river Douro

"I’m going to tell you about a Marvellous Kingdom. Although many people may say the opposite, there have always been and always will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. What you need in order to see them are eyes that have never lost their initial chasteness when faced with reality, and then the heart will not waver”
by Miguel Torga (official translation)

As the summer and the grape harvest draw closer, the region comes to life with visitors. The celebrations and pilgrimages increase and the social areas and vineyards are all full. The museums, art galleries and cultural centres are hives of activity throughout the year. The wine, cuisine, handicrafts and traditions ensure that this region leaves its impression on everyone.

Along with breathtaking scenery and ancient heritage, the Douro is also recognized as an ideal place to relax. It offers leisure activities where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves leaving their worries behind. In addition to the visits to vineyards, during the day there are spas and mineral springs and several options for outdoor activities and water activities that are typical in the holiday season. During the week, evenings in the Douro are calm but on weekends the bars and the theaters fill with people looking for entertainment.

The Douro is a land of experiences, where even the trip to the region can become an unforgettable moment. Be it by water on one of the many cruise ships that follow the Douro or by the windy roads that snake through the region or by the train the follows the river upstream, the journey to discover this land lost in time offers breathtaking sights.

After reaching the destination, the authenticity of places and the friendly people are the most appreciated features. If during the colder months, the deserted villages welcome visitors in a warm and comforting environment, in the summer they get involved in the euphoria of the feasts and pilgrimages, where there is music, tradition, religion and food specialties.

The Douro is internationally renowned for its wines and its enotourism. Tourists from all over travel to the Douro vineyards to take part in the traditional grape harvest and the squashing of the grapes. Visitors can take part in this rural life in many seasons and they can opt to stay in a manor house, rural cottages or even in an ancient mansion.

For its breathtaking scenery sculpted by the vineyards, for its people, for its heritage and for its genuine uniqueness, Douro is now a world-class tourist destination.















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