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Mamoa de Madorras
276134São Lourenço de Ribapinhão-7,60996141,29912034
Mamoa de Madorras
Archaeological sites

With about 30 meters in diameter and about 2 meters in height, the Mamoa of Madorras is a prehistoric cist built about 6000 years ago. It was discovered in 1912 by Albino Lopo and its first excavation was between 1983-1988. It stands out for its monumentality and state of preservation, which led to some interventions that have provided scientific breakthrough results and important to the knowledge of the communities that built this impressive tomb and inhabited the region.

Mamoa de MadorrasMamoa de MadorrasMamoa de Madorras
Morada: CM 1262 | 5060-408 São Lourenço de Ribapinhão, Sabrosa.
Longitude: -7,60996 | 7° 36' 35,9" W
Latitude: 41,29912 | 41° 17' 56,8" N
Construction era: Prehistory
State of conservation: Reasonable
Current occupation: Cultural
Access: Access by car
Observations on access: Up to nearly 100 m.
Car park: Sufficient parking spaces
Additional services: Tours allowed (without guide)

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