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Marko Topchii
Marko Topchii
23 JUN 2012 | 21h30Teatro Ribeiro Conceição

Marko Topchii is an Ukrainian musician, winner of the first prize of the 13th International Classical Guitar Competition of Sernancelhe.

With only 20 years, this young man has perfomed in numerous recitals in Europe and in India. The concert will be composed of an eclectic repertoire, which brings together music from the Baroque period to the present day.

Marko Topchii began studying guitar at the age of 4, developing a different sense of interpreting the music. Between 2007 and 2011, the year he finished his studies at Kharkiv Arts University, he won several awards for musical competitions.

Marko Topchii
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Morada: Largo de Camões | 5100 Lamego.
Longitude: -7,80696 | 7° 48' 25,1" W
Latitude: 41,09709 | 41° 05' 49,5" N
Name: Teatro Ribeiro Conceição
Telephone: 254688072
Fax: 254688073
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Price: 5 €
Observations about prices: Maximum price of 24€.

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